Monday, February 4, 2013

"Russia with No Orphans": Yes, progress continues to be made!

Big Family Mission provided seed capital and helped initiate the Russia with No Orphans movement in 2011.
Russia with No Orphans, also translated "Russia Without Orphans", now has its own website (the website is in Russian language, but if you speak another language you can use an online translator to read updates).
You will also find updates on "Russia Without Orphans" on the website of Orphan Care Resources.
We do not plan to continue posting about Russia with No Orphans on this blog, but will include updates on our Families for Orphans blog, which you will find here.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

450 learn how to make Russia with no orphans!

What a huge blessing!  The Russia with No Orphans Summit in Moscow was attended by 450 delegates from all over Russia.  Plenary and workshop sessions focused on providing the knowledge, skills and resources Russian Christians need to successfully care for orphans.
You will find a complete report on the Summit on the website of Orphan Care Resources.
The report is also available in Russian language.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Over 1000 churches in Russia praying for orphans

     November 2011 became a great blessing month for Russia. Thanks to your prayers and support for Russia with No Orphans ministry, there was a Day of Prayer for orphans on 6 November, which we held as a part of International Orphan Sunday. Churches all over Russia prayed for children who live without parents’ love and care.
     Russia with No Orphans Alliance representatives took part in more than 10 big conferences to invite as more churches as possible to participate in this event. The project gained significant support and approval of Russian church leaders.
     More than 1,000 Russian churches participated in this special day for orphans.  In many cases, foster families and orphan ministers were presented in the churches to underline their important ministry. Pastors preached their message on the subject of Adoption and Fatherhood. Some churches conducted special charity events and visited orphanages.
     Here are some reports on Orphan Sunday:
     Lyudmila Ermakova, Bashkiria: “The church was very inspired. Our orphan ministry team has now 9 new volunteers. I am so happy that the Church responded so strongly to heal the child’s pain. We are starting to minister in the orphanage in our town.”
     Ekaterina Tzelouhova, N. Novgorod: “6 November was special day for us. The Lord moved our hearts to adopt a child.  My husband and I are going to study in the school for foster parents”.
     On 6 November, TBN-Russia made a 1.5-hour live telethon, so thousands of people in Russia and other countries watched this program and participated in the Day of Prayer. We received lots of responses from viewing audience. People shared testimonies, reported us that their churches were praying for orphans too, and expressed their gratitude to the Russia with No Orphans Alliance for organizing this event.
     Elena Petrova: “I’m 25 years old and a student, but I have a great desire in my heart to adopt a child. I will get my degree in 4 months, so a child will come to my home then, may be not just one child….”
     Oleg Ryahovsky, Moscow: “During the TV program on TBN, my wife and I could feel the strong presence of God. The Lord moved us to take a child to our family.”
     Polina Zholud: “I was watching Day of Prayer Telethon.  My church also prayed today, and after church me and my friends went to the orphanage nearby and prayed along with children. It was a wonderful time!”
     Day of Prayer for the orphans became a special day for all our country, as well as for many families who decided to adopt a child to their family. We are praying and believe that children will get not only the parents and loving families, but also they will meet their Heavenly Father and the will of God for their lives will be accomplished.
     It is a great sowing campaign into the churches in Russia: its fruits and results will grow day by day. We are receiving lots of requests from churches and individuals on our web site, asking questions and materials about adoption, seeking practical support and professional follow up. These days we see more orphan ministries being formed in churches where they never existed. 
     This wonderful moving would be impossible without your faithful prayers and support! May God bless you in everything you do!
With love in Jesus,
Ivan and Tatiana
and Russia with No Orphans Alliance Team.
     P.S. At the moment Russia with No Orphans Alliance is involved to prepare all-Russian Conference in Moscow in April 2012. This conference is called to equip Russian Churches to minister to the orphans and support foster families. The Alliance asks all Big Family Partners to pray for the coming Conference organization, for all its aspects and details, including financial provision for this event. 

P.S. from Ken:  You can contribute to Russia with No Orphans on our website here.